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Soothing Oil
Oliva Walker
Get this

It did exactly what it says it does. After a bikini wax I applied for a few days to prevent ingrown hair. I also use it on my legs daily and they have never looked better. Very happy with the purchase

Soothing Oil
Nikki Rangel
Love it!!

I have such sensitive skin I thought I’d have ingrown hairs and bumps forever, but this oil is the best. I’ve been putting it on daily and have had no problems.

Highly Recommend!!!

This product has done wonders for not only soothing redness and treating ingrowns, but has helped drastically with dark spots. I have yet to find another product that helped fade dark spots as much as soothing oil has. I definitely recommend this product!

Soothing Oil
Anais M

This oil works so good for me ! I love it 🥰 I am obsessed with packaging and this packaging is amazing!

Soothing Oil
Pearl Wattson
A must have!

I absolutely love it! Recommend it for anyone with bumps.

Soothing Oil
Lacey Montoya
Just got my soothing oil this week..

I usually drag out shaving and waxing, because of my sensitive skin I tend to get very bumpy and red afterwards. I have dark thick hair. I thought about giving up and just going natural and managing that. I saw an ad on Facebook and was excited to give this a shot, I heard hype over other oils and figured why not. I went for my Brazilian yesterday and applied this – no redness, no bumps. The oil on my skin has left me feeling super soft and smooth. I reapplied today after I get out of the shower, and I absolutely love the way that it feels! I will keep testing and update on the results!

Fantastic results

I try and support local and was pleased to see you are located in B.C. I used your balm on my face before bed and in the morning I saw results after one use. The balm is wonderful I wish it came in a larger container. Thanks for a great product.

Amazing product!

This balm has been a saviour for my dry hands. You don’t need to apply a lot, a little goes a long way.

Love this balm

I tried the balm and it is wonderful. I had some very dry patches on my face and literally after 2 uses I could see the difference. I have been using it daily for just over a week now and I love it. My face is not dry and feels a lot better. I will purchase again

Softening Balm
Switched from using Vit E and not looking back ✨

I wasn’t looking for a balm that could help soften and fade my top surgery scars (my 6-month surgery anniversary had just passed and I was using regular VIT E ointment) but I came across this product and felt compelled to give it a try (vegan, sustainable, inclusive values). Been using it for 2 months now and have seen significant improvement on how « tough » my scars felt. I’ve got a very prone to scarring type of skin so even just these 2 months of use give me hope for what they’ll feel like a year from now! Even just on the days that I forget to put the balm on, my skin around that area feels much tighter (significantly less hydrated, clearly). Unexpected bonuses to top it all off? The smell is lovely and in comparison to vit e ointment, the absorption is amazing — no more stained tshirts 😅 Highly recommend.

Softening Balm
Roxanne Tanner

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! You can use it for everything! So incredible I purchased a second one

Soothing Oil
Christine Vachon
Already in love

This product do exactly what it says it does. It soothes my bikini razor bump and leaves the skin soft without any parfumes.
I highly recommend 👌💚💙💚

Softening Balm
Maia Zarmair
Great quality product!

I use this for everything! Calluses stretch marks, hair. Love that it’s vegan too!

Softening Balm
Stacey Kashuba
Loving it!

I fell in love with this. It works so well, at first I was worried because a lot of these waxy products don’t melt into the skin. This absolutely absorbed so nicely. It has such a faint smell. Kinda reminds me of fresh wax. None the less, this absorbed so easily and just left my skin feeling so nice. I am using them currently on my breasts after having 3 major breast surgeries from cancer. This has added an extra layer of protecting and taking care of my skin. I could use this forever. WELL DONE!

A great Multi Use Oil

I love the flexibility of this product! I use it my thick hair which does not make it greasy it just nicely moisturizes my hair and it’s great for my husband after shaving. And even good on dry skin! And I love the eco friendly packaging.

Softening Balm

So far, I love this product! After about only a week of use, I can already see my stretch marks diminishing! Love!

The perfect potion

I'm not huge on skin care products in general. But this balm offers a lot of benefits in 1 package. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants an effective skin care routine that takes less than 30seconds.

Softening Balm
Christine Vachon
Love everything about this product

This product is amazing in many ways. Made in Canada, packaging is compostable and the container is made of recyclable product. And the balm is made of vegan product and is cruelty free. Ive used it on my hands that are often dry due to my janitor job and it works wonders. Cant wait to try it during winter 💚

Soothing Oil
Kirsten Gurney
Great product!

I love this oil , just as much as the balm I bought , thank you united and free , I love your brand !

Softening Balm
Icah Doherty Vega
Incredibly Useful

I had the best experience with United & Free's balm, I have severe eczema that comes when the season changes or when it's super dry out and it helped moisturize my skin without irritating. If I could pour it all over my body and turn it into a lotion I would, I have saved space in my beauty bag because of it, I not have a lip moisturizer, balm for my dry spots and oil for my hair. I have tested it out after work out as well and it does not give your hair a weird odour, which is super amazing! I highly recommend this product!

absolutely addicted

this is a staple for me. forever. that's all.

Softening Balm
Kirsten Gurney

A must try ! I use the balm on my legs and feet and they’ve never been softer. Things to note , it’s unscented and after you put it on it can be a little wet , give it a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin.

long lasting moisture

I usually use this balm after my dishwashing and cleaning duties at work. I had to deal with harsh chemicals such as bleach, laundry detergent, sanitizer, dishwashing liquid, etc. The balm leaves long-lasting moisture. The moisture stays in my hands even after I have washed my hands several times. I will definitely buy this product again!

Soothing Oil
Donna Morrison
Love the serum

My husband has a ingrown hair from barber's that sometimes bothers him ..since using serum ..he has no issues..My son also uses a coin-size amount to tame his curly hair..Loves the multi uses..

Softening Balm
Amit Furman

I love love love this product! I was so excited to receive such a unique product! I also am obsessed with the packaging that this product came in. Not to mention the scent smells so fresh