Inclusive. Conscious. Multi-purpose hair & skincare. 3 needs, 1 container.

Effective treatments. Expertly formulated. Solution-based in values, packaging, and product. New products formed with your individuality in mind.

Brand Values

What does united & free stand for?

We envision an inclusive world-where expression thrives. Where humans and Earth coexist in unity. This is a mission for a healthier home. This is care for all bodies. All are welcome here.

What is the united & free mission?

Our mission is to build the conscious super future. The super future is sustainable, inclusive and we lead with actions that have real impact. The future unites us all.

What is united & free’s pledge to sustainability?

Our focus is on social sustainability, environmental sustainability, and impact.

What charities do you work with?

Mission Blue. We are also working on starting our own charity. More details coming soon.

Are you B Corp certified?

We are working toward our B Corp certification, and this is outlined in our sustainability goals. We follow B Corp criteria and work with B Corps as much as possible.


Can united & free products treat multiple concerns?

Absolutely! Our products are expertly formulated to treat a multitude of skin, hair, and body concerns.

How long do united & free products last?

All of our products are designed to last for 12 months after opening.

Are your products fragrance free?

Our products are fragrance free. We believe in being conscious of those who may be sensitive to scents.

Are united & free products cruelty free?

Yes. All of our products are cruelty free.

Are united & free products vegan?

Yes! All of our products are vegan.

Can everyone use united & free your products?

Our products are designed for all humans. With multiple uses per product, you can treat skin and hair needs using one bottle.

Where do you list ingredients?

Our full ingredient list can be found on our product pages.

What certifications do united & free products have?

We are Leaping Bunny and Peta Cruelty-Free certified. Learn more about our certifications.

Where are your products made?

Our cosmetic products are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. Our tooling products are responsibly sourced from China.


What makes united & free a sustainable company?

We address social and environmental concerns through process, packaging, and manufacturing. We also follow B Corp recommendations to support workers, governance, members in our supply chain to meet higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance.

Is your packaging compostable?

Our sugarcane bagasse outer-packing is compostable in the proper composting streams. See our sustainability section for more information.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our glass vessels and closures are recyclable.

How do I dispose of united & free packaging?

Please dispose of packaging in the proper compost, recycle, or waste streams based on your local requirements.

Where is your packaging made?

Our packaging is made in partnership with suppliers across the world. We’ve built our relationships with our suppliers over many years and continue to innovate. Please visit our sustainability section for a breakdown of our packaging. All of our packaging is designed in Vancouver and responsibly sourced from China and British Columbia, Canada.

Shipping & Returns

Where does united & free ship to?

We currently ship to Canada and the United States.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over $100.00

How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped from our warehouse, we will send you an email to confirm your shipment - this email will include a tracking number and link to enable you to track your package. You can also set up an account to track shipping.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer flat rate shipping to Canada and the U.S. Shipping to the US is $20 and shipping within Canada is $12.

If you purchase $100.00 or more, shipping is free.

When will my order ship?

We ship 1 - 2 business days after we receive your order.

Can I return/refund my order?

We want you to love your purchase but understand that all humans have different requirements. At this time, we do not accept returns on our personal care products. Please reach out to our team to return a product.

I mistakenly ordered the wrong item or my order was lost/damaged in the mail. What should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible at sales@unitedandfree.com. We process our orders and ship quickly as possible. If there is a problem, we will do our best to fix it and make it right!

If you don't receive your product or if it arrives damaged, please let us know. We are happy to send a new package immediately.

Which sales taxes and fees will be charged on my order?

For Canadian orders, your sales tax is calculated according to the applicable sales taxes in your province.

For International orders, they are subject to applicable taxes and duties from customs.

Balm FAQ

Can I use the balm if I have oily skin?

Yes. The balm works for oily, dry, and combination skin. The oils used are a unique blend that should not cause any comedogenic issues making it suitable for all skin types.

Can you use the balm on sensitive skin?

The balm is free from harsh irritants and it’s fragrance free. We formulated the balm to be gentle yet effective for all humans. We do recommend doing a patch test prior to use if you are concerned about a possible reaction.

Can the balm be used on all hair types?

We do recommend that the balm is used on coarse hair. If your hair is fine, you should use it sparingly and test first.

What concerns does the balm treat?

The balm can be used on any part of the body. The purpose of the balm is to soften dry skin, stretch marks, and coarse hair. Use the balm on lips, elbows, knees, feet, hair, or anywhere on your body

How much do I use?

With a balm, it is always best to go with using a little as opposed to using a lot.

How do I use the balm?

Start with a small amount and rub between your fingers. Use this amount to massage through hair, apply to lips, stretch marks, or other areas that could use softening. One of our most loved ways to use the balm for hair is by applying it to damp (not wet) hair and then drying as normal. We also find that during fall winter months applying a small amount periodically to your lips throughout the day helps prevent cracking.

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