Our Story

Letters from the founders.


Kaleena and I were both living on opposite coasts of Canada when we first had the concept of united & free. Through personal experiences we both felt very passionate about creating something new and different than what was currently offered on the market. In the early days of united and free we were creating and testing formulas in our kitchen to see if they were via...


united & free - our story - founder - brandon morrison


When I started united & free with my brother Brandon in 2015, we shared the same sentiment, being that we want to create a personal care brand that was inclusive to all people. Fast forward to today, I still hold that value close to my heart and refuse to segment and diverge from what we initially believed in. As a BIPOC business owner I personally understand how imp...


united & free - our story - founder - kaleena morrison

About United & Free

Your individuality is our celebration — it is something to be respected, honoured, embraced. United & Free creates to honor all bodies. We are united by our collective needs, even the smallest ones. Hair, ingrowns, bumps, are all part of the human journey. We design multi-purpose products for everybody. To solve multiple body concerns and be tools for self expression while reducing waste. To honour the body and Earth. This is personal care for all.


Blue. A Colour & Agent For Change.

Earth. Sky. Ocean. River. Lake. Our home. Blue is a colour that knows no boundaries. Its colour unites our earth & us as humans. It allows us to be expressive individuals. It brings us together as collective agents for change. Blue is our connection and belonging. Together. As individuals. Blue means United & Free.

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