Our Story

Your individuality is our celebration — it is something to be respected, honoured, embraced.

About united & free

united & free creates to honor all bodies.

We are united by our collective needs, even the smallest ones. Hair, ingrowns, bumps, are all part of the human journey. We design multi-purpose products for everybody. To solve multiple body concerns and be tools for self expression while reducing waste. To honour the body and Earth. This is personal care for all.

A Colour & Agent For Change


Earth. Sky. Ocean. River. Lake. Our home. Blue is a colour that knows no boundaries. Its colour unites our earth & us as humans. It allows us to be expressive individuals. It brings us together as collective agents for change. Blue is our connection and belonging. Together. As individuals. Blue means United & Free.

The Founders


Our brand isn’t just about bringing new, sustainable products to market—its about focusing on representation. And serving people of all genders, ethnicities, and sizes.

Its about the realization that there isn’t only one centralized ideal or solution for sustainability or radical inclusion, that there’s not a right or perfect way to do this.

Kaleena and I were both living on opposite coasts of Canada when we first had the concept of united & free. We wanted to have products that reflected what we and our community believed in, it was important to us to became vegan and cruelty-free certified. From our background it was imperative to have inclusivity and representation of all people in our company and for our product usage. Coming from a mixed-race family we know that a lot of the time its easy to be overlooked, and we know the lonely feeling seeing a product designed for someone who isn’t “you”.

We believe in setting goals for our company of how we feel we can best help our community and help our earth, this way we can always be moving forward.

We are excited to share the super future with you.


As a mom, make-up artist and advocate for diversity and inclusion, Kaleena understands the importance of creating skin and haircare products for all. Being a BIPOC business owner, my goal is to create an inclusive community where everyone is accepted, included, and valued.

Our product philosophy uses a minimalistic approach know as skinimalism. We use potent botanical ingredients to create effective multi-use products, in turn creating less environmental waste. Our soothing oil has to be one of my favorite products--ever. It’s multi-use to soothe ingrown hairs, razor burn and split ends. 3 needs, 1 solution, equates to less waste.

It immediately soothes bumps, ingrown hair and stops acne breakouts in their tracks. Using this product will instantly soothe skin that is irritated and inflamed. As some someone who suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) this product has become a staple in my daily routine to help with cystic acne breakouts and ingrowns. I'm so happy that we've created a quality product that can help others who experience such common skin concerns as well. I think we sometimes forget that even though we are all unique and different, we really do share a lot of the same issues when it comes to our hair and skin concerns. By discussing these issues openly, we can help each other solve them and alleviate any stigma that surrounds the common issues we all deal with.


Innovation means to challenge. Challenging ourselves to upcycle. Challenging ourselves to create closed loops systems. Carefully selecting ingredients that are innovative in ability to treat multitudes of hair and skin needs. It means learning how to be truly inclusive of all humans and bodies. The products we make have a direct impact on the world that unites us. This acknowledgement is our mission. We envision a Super Future where we evolve together with Earth. For collective good.


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