Designed to ease the irritation around ingrown hairs and razor burn.

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Designed to combat ingrown hairs and razor burn while also acting as a
powerful defense against split ends when massaged through the hair.
Soothing Oil soothes irritation caused by shaving, waxing, sugaring,
or lasering, ensuring relief from razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Razor Bumps
Ingrown Hairs
Shaving Irritation
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I love this balm. I primarily use it as a spot treatment for dry spots and eczema flares. It feels so nourishing, moisturizing, and good on my skin. It's a thick balm, but goes on smoothly and easily - a little goes a long way. This will definitely be my new go-to for dry spots, especially in the winter. I also love the low-waste packaging. Great branding, super high-quality product.

Alicia Briggs | Editor, Sustainably Chic

The balm and the oils are great! Love the packaging. The balm works well on facial hair, and the oil seems to ease irritation after shaving. The texture is super lightweight, not greasy at all.

Hunter Hill | Publisher, Blackbook

I keep my United & Free balm on my desk and am constantly applying it throughout the day while I am working. I found myself with dry patches on my arms this winter, which it softened right up, and I’ll even apply it to my hair when I need to tame a bit of frizz. I especially love that it is unscented.

Megan Cahn | Managing Editor, Best Life

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