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All Hair Types

92mm x 92mm x 4mm

Ideal for all hair types. Wide teeth gently comb through hair to prevent breakage and pulling.


We choose our materials deliberately. The Comb is created from cellulose acetate, a bioplastic produced from treating cellulose (plant fibre) with acetic acid (acid derived from vinegar). This material offers us a great alternative to petro-plastics. It has longevity of 9 years, but can break down naturally from seawater, UV light or other acids. As a tooling option it is important to have a balance of a durability and longevity while being conscious of its intended breakdown. We want something that will last us for its usage, that isn’t made t...

Product Details

Key benefits

All hair types.

The comb is safe for all hair types and all ages. The comb has wide teeth so it works great on tangled hair and knots. It can be used as a water comb for long hair in the shower or a pick for shorter hair. The shape of the comb fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

How to use

Gently comb through hair.


The comb is made from cellulose acetate, a bioplastic made from a mix of plant and wood fibers treated with acetic acid (derived from vinegar).

Need to know

Keep away from heat.

How to recycle

Our combs are made for durability and longevity. We believe you should get at least 10+ years of use from your comb. At the end of the combs lifecycle please return the item to us for proper disposal. We will send you a shipping label. All you need to do is put the comb in a small envelope and send it back to us to complete the cycle. 

united & free - product - 3 uses - knee, elbow, arm

3 uses. 1 container. No unnecessary ingredients.

Evolution is nature. Like the transformation of our Earth, radical innovation requires time. Years of research, formulation, and testing are necessary to form products that can do more — products that can treat hair and skin together.

Our symbiotic formulas create a multi-use experience for all bodies. All hair. All skin. Our hair and skin share a similar pH level found within a range of 4.5-5.5, our hair leaning towards the acidic. With this connection in mind, these products have been carefully formulated to treat a multitude of needs. Effectively. Reducing the number of products needed for healthy hair and skin.

Concentrated pure ingredients collide together. Each ingredient is innovative in its treatment capacity. Creating a multi-functional product with your individuality in mind. Always natural. Effective Ingredients.

Actively working together in nourishing treatments for your hair and skin. Dry skin. Bumps. Razor burn. Hair. Ingrowns. Flyaways. Stretch marks.


Inclusive. Conscious. Multi-purpose hair & skincare. 3 needs, 1 container.

Effective treatments. Expertly formulated. Solution-based in values, packaging, and product. New products formed with your individuality in mind.

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