Our Standard

Our Beliefs

Radical Inclusivity

Celebrating all expressions. All identities. Recognizing what unites us all while respecting our differences. We create to honour all bodies. You are welcome here.

Earth First

Earth’s health is my health. Our connection is endless. Vital. As our ocean suffers, temperatures rise, and Earth cries out for help we see our mission. We take action. To contribute less waste....


Product Efficacy & Transparency

We are transparent in where we manufacture our products, and the ingredients and materials that go into each product.

We create our tooling products for durability and longevity made from ...


Fact Based Decision Making

From packaging to product, back to the earth.

Our products, packaging and tools are created based on research and data. This allows us to make decisions about materials, ingredients, and f...


Social Sustainability

Humans. Environment. Ecosystem.

We are in business to do better for everyone involved with united & free. We build partnerships with our entire supply chain with the intention of bettering...


united & free - the u & f standard - bare legs

“Knowing is the key to caring, and with caring there is hope that people will be motivated to take positive actions.”

Sylvia Earle


Our Process



Your individuality is our celebration. Every person should be free to express the truest version of themselves. We create products with your individuality in mind. Gender- fluid. For all identities. For every body. For authentic self-expression and creativity. We are all made of the same makeup—skin is skin. You are welcome here.

This is a space for body appreciation. Honouring the form that carries you and connects you to this Earth. You are an important part of this ecosystem.

The power of an inclusive collective brings us closer to the Super Future. A thriving ecosystem.

How can we support you better?



Prior to making a product, we discuss how it’s functionality will be met within the market. This allows us to produce multi- purpose products in a single container. Multiple uses-less waste.

Each ingredient used in our product formulations must be European Union (EU) complaint. EU standards are the most stringent, currently banning over 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known to be harmful in many ways.

We follow a vegan formulation mandate, meaning our products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Our formulations are verified vegan and cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

Each ingredient is chosen for its efficacy, quality, and responsibly sourced from suppliers.

Our products are truly fragrance-free. Free from synthetics, parabens, and petrolatum.



Responsibly made products with longevity. Multiple lives. Designed with Earth in mind.

We focus on products with longevity. Rather than products that produce waste. This means choosing responsible materials with qualities that support their life without harming the environment when their life ends.

Our vessel lids are formed using 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. PCR is material made from the items that consumers recycle — in our case, recycled plastic. We expect to manufacture 100% PCR lids by the end of 2022!

United & Free is Canadian-owned. We take pride in our hair & skincare products being developed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. Our outer packaging and glass vessels are designed in Canada and responsibly manufactured in China. Our tools are responsibly manufactured in China as well. Our shipping boxes are designed and manufactured in British Columbia, Canada.



We work with a manufacturing partner in British Columbia, Canada. All formulations are derived in-house and sent to a Health Canada approved lab for manufacture.

First, product formulations are manufactured for a pilot test run. Our team tests each product for at least 3 months to determine efficacy, documenting interactions with hair and skin. We tweak the formulation if necessary and go into a pre-production run. The products go through a series of stability tests to confirm they are ready for production.

All of our glass vessels are tested by SGS to verify that they meet Canada’s glazed ceramics and glassware regulations, prior to being filled with products. SGS testing allows for a complete material breakdown of our glass vessels and tests for elements and heavy metals. This testing allows us to provide a safe product for market.



We work with responsible suppliers all over the world to bring sustainable packaging solutions to market. We do our best to vet each partner and research the materials used in our packaging and formulations. We intend to share our findings with you so you can understand how we came to reach our decisions and why we choose specific materials to bring to market. Our focus is use materials from waste, upcycle and create closed loop cycles whenever possible. We still have work to do in this area and continue to make improvements as we learn about the ever-changing market landscape.

Education is key to making buying decisions, and we intend to always be transparent with our process.