We are currently seeking ambassadors for our united & free ambassador program.
We are looking for individuals that repond to our shared values and core mission statement.
We are in the business of good and will make an impactful change on the world.


  • When you create an ambassador profile, you'll receive a personalized link that gives you a commission from each sale
  • You will also create a personalized promotional code you can offer to friends and followers at your discretion
  • You will recieve other perks such as free products,


  • As a united &free ambassadorit is our hope that you will champion our brand and values.
  • Content creation and posting is encouraged, but only in a way that is authentic to you. There is no expectation for you to spam or represent united & free in a way that doesn't feel right for you
  • If you create content, we may repost and feature it on our socials and marketing materials-with credit, of course,

Sign up and explore what united & free can mean. Be part of a community united for change.