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United & Free exists to help people realize the best version of themselves.


United & Free produces products that are beneficial to our health, our skin, and the environment. Naturally influenced, our products reflect our business ethics and philosophies. We’re all about unapologetically challenging the conventional wisdom that currently dominates the beauty/health/wellness industries. We’re transparent about what goes into our products, believing wholeheartedly that nature knows best. We’re keen to keep you educated about the benefits of choosing natural skin care products that work in harmony with your skin’s natural chemistry.

We’re committed to your freedom – whatever that may be – but for us it’s creating a life of passion and intent, and making a living without losing our souls. Above all, United & Free values, open, honest, and authentic relationships that are the foundation of our business. May we be the first to say it feels damn good to build a company that inspires you to Free Yourself. Welcome to the revolution! We can’t wait to see what great, magnificent, and outstanding lives you create.

Each month we round up the best hair, skin and lifestyle things and send them to awesome people.

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Free Shipping over $49 CAD / $79 USD