5 reasons why your skin will fall in love with this oil.

Tired of razor burn?

Then let’s get rid of it! Soothing oil is formulated with papaya seed extract, which has enzymes that help exfoliate your skin. It also contains other moisturizing oils, triglycerides and vitamin E to keep the skin feeling soft and moisturized after hair removal. Apply a small amount of oil after treatment and reapply daily to say good by to razor burn!

Are ingrown hairs an issue?

How about you step up your hair removal after care routine – applying an exfoliator, a cleanser and a moisturizer are the traditional steps to help prevent ingrown hairs after hair removal, applying Soothing Oil is the new way. Formulated with papaya seed extract, to help exfoliate the area, tamanu oil to help reduce irritation, tea tree oil to help clean the area and triglycerides to help keep the area hydrated and soft. Apply a small amount of oil on the area where hair was removed and repeat daily for best results.

Want a glowing complexion?

It’s easy as applying a bit of Soothing Oil in your daily skincare routine. Whether before bed or after washing your face in the morning, applying a small amount of oil will help to remove excess buildup on your skin while vegan squalene helps in moisturizing the face and aids in collagen production.

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How do you fade dark spots?

Simple, the answer is Soothing Oil. Made with papaya seed extract, which is known to exfoliate, and remove buildup while also helping to correct hyperpigmentation. With daily use you will start to notice dark areas caused from shaving, hormones or skin friction start to lighten.

Can you repair split ends?

Yes, you can! When you use Soothing oil on the tips and shaft of the hair it helps to coat and hold moisture into the hair cuticle. The oil contains triglycerides, safflower oils and vitamin E which help to keep the hair sealed and protected, preventing the shaft from further splitting.

A skinimalistic approach to personal care.

Morning routines, bedtime routines, daily routines, hair routines — the average personal care routine uses 3-9 products. Each step in a your regime can contribute to waste, it takes time, and will costs money.

Multi-use skin and hair care products help reduce the amount of single purpose products you need in your personal care routine. One product can replace 3 or more single purpose products, helping you to reduce personal waste, have more time for yourself, and save money.

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2 months ago
Christine Vachon
Already in love

This product do exactly what it says it does. It soothes my bikini razor bump and leaves the skin soft without any parfumes.
I highly recommend 👌💚💙💚

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4 months ago
A great Multi Use Oil

I love the flexibility of this product! I use it my thick hair which does not make it greasy it just nicely moisturizes my hair and it’s great for my husband after shaving. And even good on dry skin! And I love the eco friendly packaging.

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6 months ago
Kirsten Gurney
Great product!

I love this oil , just as much as the balm I bought , thank you united and free , I love your brand !

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7 months ago
Donna Morrison
Love the serum

My husband has a ingrown hair from barber's that sometimes bothers him ..since using serum ..he has no issues..My son also uses a coin-size amount to tame his curly hair..Loves the multi uses..

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8 months ago
Diana Luft
Wonderful & Nourishing

I have been using your oils on my incision and my dry leg and it’s so nourishing. My scare might even become invisible.

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