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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About DIY Natural Skincare

DIY videos have taken social media by storm in the last couple years. However, as convenient as DIY recipes in the kitchen may be, we suggest not slapping every ingredient or recipe claiming to be your skin's savior on your face. đź‘Ž

As experts in skincare, the following is a list of ingredients we advise you keep VERY far away from your skin.


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 Lemon juice for the acne scars?

Uh oh, this one is definitely risky. Lemon is highly acidic and can cause inflammation, irritation, and compromise your skin’s acid mantle. Yikes!

 Raw apple cider vinegar as acne treatment?

Outside the skin, this ingredient remains highly acidic. (⚠Warning:  do not dab raw apple cider vinegar straight on your breakouts!) Due to its high acidity - like lemon - it can cause inflammation, irritation, and burning. 

 Baking Soda as a face exfoliator?

This ingredient has a high pH(9) and our skin has a lower, slightly acidic pH(5.5). Therefore, it will disturb the natural balance of skin and have damaging effects. Not to mention baking soda can be too rough and tear pores. That does not sound pretty! đź™…

 Hairspray as setting spray?

Ridiculous! It may seem like a quick fix for setting makeup but hairspray will actually clog pores! There's a reason it's called HAIRspray…

 Toothpaste for acne and dark spots?

This is a big NO! The intense chemicals found in toothpaste will actually irritate the skin and in worst cases will cause chemical burns long term. Ouch!

 Raw eggs as a skin firming/pore refining mask?

Sounds harmless enough? Raw eggs have the chance of carrying various bacterias, like Salmonella and Staphylococcus. So just because you’re not ingesting the raw eggs, doesn’t mean you can’t still get sick (albeit the low risk) from applying them to your skin.


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These are just of the few wild and preconceived DIY remedies for "beautiful, clear skin." 🙄 We recommend you be more cautious (or completely disregard!) the next time you see a blogger claim their acne vanished or skin cleared up with the use of ingredients that are not backed up by experts.

Keep your skin protected from bad advice, we wish you luck!

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  • I absolutely love your product line. My husband and I use the shampoo and conditioner which leaves your shiny and smelling fresh. My husband loves the shaving cream. I like how his face feels after he shaves. Your product rocks. Thank you.

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