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Reasons Your Skin is Breaking Out

There are many factors that play into why our skin repeatedly breaks out either intermittently or all month long. Many people think it’s just hormonal imbalance, stress or PMS, but that’s barely it. The following is a list of a few culprits you might want to research further into if you are having flare-ups.

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Comedogenic products

Especially ones containing mineral oils or synthetic oils are extremely congesting for your skin.  So, we suggest you reach for products that use only naturally derived oils! Oils we guarantee will not clog your pores and make sure to use in our UNITED & FREE skincare line.



Oh yes, some food ingredients can also cause your skin to breakout. Of course, this varies from person to person but in most cases, it is scientifically proven that refined carbohydrates and dairy are the two culprits to avoid! They cause a cascade of hormones that can increase oil production and trigger breakouts.


Oral supplements

They are composed of natural vitamins and minerals and are usually good for you? Generally, this is true but for those of you with acne-prone skin, some vitamins you may want to consider avoiding as they offset the natural balance of your body. While some vitamins have been proven to balance the skin, others have actually been linked to aggravating it.



Make sure to double check your shampoo and conditioner is free of known pore cloggers, such as sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate. Remember, your hair care routine affects your skin care. Try our Lo-foam Shampoo and Hydrofy Conditioner for a guaranteed all-natural and chemical-free pampering!



Of course, the first step is obviously to select non- comedogenic products. But, makeup application and removal are just as important because months of build-up can definitely cause a flare in acne if you don't have a sanitary, strict and gentle pre and after-care routine.



Whether more than twice a day or with using products that leave your skin feeling tight are both actions that are damaging to the skin. You’re actually stripping away natural oils, making your skin tight and dry, thus making it more prone to acne! We suggest opting for a gentler, natural cleanser, which will remove makeup but also maintain skin's suppleness. Check out our Balance Face Cleanser!


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Again, these are just a few culprits. There are so many more reasons why your skin may be experiencing flare-ups. We’re just here to remind you to not rule out the non-obvious and explore all the possibilities. Always make sure to do your research or see a professional! Because when it comes to skin, we strive for naturalness and balance. 💚

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Complimentary shipping on orders over $49