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Frequently Asked Questions About: Essential Oils

Essential oils are the new, popular trend among natural beauty and health enthusiasts. And there are A LOT of questions out there about these powerful oils. Since essential oils are our specialty, we're here to answer the most frequently asked questions. We at UNITED & FREE use luxurious essential oils that are good for all skin types and did we mention all our products are gender neutral??


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Do essential oils cause breakouts/acne?


Naturally derived oils are not the enemy. They're actually very important staples in a complete skin care routine. It's comedogenic oils, such as mineral oils or synthetic oils that can cause you to breakout. Our oil blends are entirely plant-based 🌿, so they will not clog pores or cause you to breakout. Generally, essential oils are full of antioxidants and have anti-bacterial abilities, so instead, they are known to repair skin damage & nourish it further.


Can essential oils be used for all skin types, including oily skin?


Plant-based oil blends are light and absorb easily into your skin and are non-greasy. Particular natural oils will help balance your own oil production from overproducing, therefore using certain types of essential oils can actually help regulate the problem and help you find balance. ⚖️ In fact, they are actually proven to be better than most moisturizers.


Are essential oils allowed to be used in the summer?


Warm weather stimulates heavier sebum production, however using certain essential oils in the morning is an excellent strategy to reduce excess sebum production throughout the day. The skin remarkably recognizes that it’s hydrated and reduces oil output on its own. 😮 Also, essential oils don't leave any residue on the skin, they absorb instantly, and thus give skin a beautiful glow year-round.


How effective are essential oils against anti-aging? 


The whole idea behind wrinkles is that dry, dehydrated skin will wrinkle up and show lines of aging sooner and greater versus hydrated skin, which will stay plump and firm. Essential oils, of course, stop dryness in its tracks and lock in moisture. So, with that you have your answer to younger looking skin. 😉


Will essential oils effect my makeup routine?


Worried your makeup will either smudge or liquefy, ruining all your hard work? Well, there’s actually absolutely no need to worry - as we stated earlier natural oils are light and absorb easily into your skin. So, using essential oils before makeup will instead leave your skin perfectly smooth and primed for makeup! 💄


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