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6 Must Do's for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Here is a list of everyday tasks you're constantly scolding yourself to do. We're here to enforce those views and to confirm why they're SO important!

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  1. Sleep - Do you ever notice how awfully puffy your face is on days you don't get enough sleep? Getting the right amount of sleep (ideally 7-8 hours uninterrupted) definitely factors into the equation for healthy replenished skin. It's why we call it beauty sleep!


  1. Hydrate - Though drinking crazy amounts of water isn't the secret to a clear, younger complexion like many blogs claim, it's still important you drink the recommended amount to avoid dry, tight and flaky skin. It is just as important to hydrate from the outside in! For best results, apply a hydrating moisturizer like our Absolut face & body lotion within 2 minutes of leaving a bath or shower as your pores are vulnerable and allow better absorption.


  1. Exercise - Can we actually sweat out toxins damaging our skin? Nah, but getting in a good workout can have a positive result on your mind, body and skin! Working out, whether it be your daily dose of yoga or spin class actually increases circulation for a beautiful glow. It also lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to breakouts and skin aging.

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  1. Cleanser – Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, it is insanely important that you use a facial cleanser every night before bed to protect your skin against bacteria and clogged pores. Don’t forget to follow with a hydrating moisturizer! Bonus points for those of you who use natural, organic products!


  1. SPF – Even incidental UV exposure will cause early signs of fine lines and brown spots. So, regardless of the season, SPF should be applied 365 days a year! The easiest way to incorporate sunscreen into your skincare routine is by using a face cream or foundation already combined with SPF 15 or higher.


  1. Diet – We are not talking about the occasional late-night dessert or bag of chips. If most of your diet consists of large amounts of sugary food and bad starch then your skin is most likely paying the price. After all, you are what you eat.

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Complimentary shipping on orders over $49