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With its sub-zero temperatures, winds, and precipitation! But that’s not the worst part. While the cold air is not great, neither is the heated indoor air. And together they are your skin's worst enemy! The real trouble for your skin comes from constantly moving from indoors to outside (and back).
Regardless of what kind of skin you have, seasonal changes can create problems that are not pretty! But, help is at hand. While some people say changing up your whole routine is the way to go, we think it’s as simple as getting serious about your basics. For real! Keep these five tips in mind while you care for your skin this winter, and say hello to glowing, nourished winter skin ☺.

Moisture. Moisture. Moisture.

Its only logical that as the elements dry out your skin, you need to put moisture back in. Consider moving ‘up’ on the moisture scale. If you use lotion in the summer and early fall, move to richer creams. If you already use cream, maybe add oil? Speaking of adding, the layering trend has gone mainstream now, and winter would be an excellent time to test it if you haven’t already. Quite simply, the technique, of Korean origin, involves layering product for maximum 'dewiness'. So after cleansing you’d start with a toner, then serum, moisturizer, maybe oil over that, and finish with an overnight mask to lock it all in, letting it do it’s thing while you sleep. Choose your products with care, so the ingredients are addressing the needs of your skin.

Hydrate inside and out

Again, basic wisdom your grandma would approve of! Drink up. Water, that is. While the benefits of water are not seen directly on your skin, water is a huge YES for your health. And the better hydrated your body, the less trouble you’ll have with your skin. Other things to think about are your surroundings. Hooking up your humidifier to combat the hot, dry indoor air is a great idea. Take it a step further by adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oils for greater well-being.

Think beyond your face

Your body, especially your hands and feet, and your hair, all need help with moisture in the winter. Constant use of wool socks, gloves and 'hat hair', can make you itchy. Again, use a night-time routine to get some deep care going. Find performance lotions, put them on and cover with cotton socks and gloves for a mask-like intensive treatment a few times a week. It has the added benefit of keeping you warm while you sleep, so what’s not to like ☺. Don’t forget to exfoliate your whole body (and even your scalp) with at home DIYs or specialist products made for exfoliation. Moisturize your entire body right after your shower to lock in moisture, and do it again during the day if you need to. For your hair, ‘up’ your conditioner like you did your face moisturizer. Or if you’re very happy with your current product and not keen on changing, add in an overnight mask along with the rest of your night-time pampering. And look into head massage techniques that use oil. Mmmmm moisture and relaxation!

Cut the chemicals and heat

We love a good clean! Whether it’s an in salon steam and extraction or a thorough exfoliation at home using chemical (or natural)/physical products. Winter, however, is not the time to go heavy on any of those. Skip the excessive chemicals, alcohols and other drying ingredients in your exfoliator and focus of gently sloughing your skin to rid it of it’s build up. The same goes for heat. Wash your face with lukewarm water and resist the urge to take the hottest shower possible! Limit tub time to 10-15 minutes (keep it lukewarm) and try to fortify your bath with moisturizing
products like bath oils or even a cup of oatmeal to really soothe. If you crave the heat, here’s a tip. Close all doors and windows in your bathroom, and turn off your exhaust while showering. As you get out, crank the shower up to its hottest for a minute, so the room gets all steamy and then put your moisturizer on. Don’t do it often though because you’re wasting water; and not venting your bathroom is the recipe for mould disaster :D.

And finally, don’t forget SPF

This is the holy grail of all skincare products. Sunscreen. No, sunscreen isn’t just for the summer. If it’s light out, you need sunscreen! It’s that simple. So while the SPF you need might be less in the winter than when you’re lying on the beach, make sure you use at least SPF30. And it does count if it’s in your skincare and makeup. For days when you’re out hitting the slopes or getting some other outdoor fun in, think much higher!

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Complimentary shipping on orders over $49