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5 Quick Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair Naturally

The world of today is a busy one, waking up early to start the day and finishing up work late most nights. The day to day grind can really take a toll on you both mentally and physically. There’s nothing worse than rushing out in the morning and looking in the mirror to notice your hair doesn’t look quite right, or sitting at your desk and seeing the fray at the ends of your hair strands. So, why not start your day off easy with one less problem.

Here are 5 quick hair care tips to keep your hair healthy naturally, because you got 99 problems but hair ain’t one! 

Dry course hair? Try the Shea butter technique!
Dull hair that lacks lustre?
Problems with oily hair?
Frizzy hair out of control?
Cutting out the split ends

Woman with long natural healthy hair

Dry course hair?
Try the Shea butter technique!

I learned this trick from a family friend a few years into growing my beard. She noticed the texture of my beard is very similar to how the hair grows in her family. Her hair was always curly, shiny and looked soft to the touch, which at the time was the exact opposite of how my beard looked. I asked the cliché – “What’s your secret?!” and she told me “Oil and shae butter”. She told me in a few easy steps how she maintains her hair to keep it from feeling dry or “straw like”.

1. After washing your hair take a towel and damp dry it. Your hair should be dry from water but feel damp to the touch

2. Take a quarter sized amount of oil ( I favour a personal mix of hemp, jojoba, argan and meadowfoam) run it through your damp hair. If you have a brush or comb this will help to evenly distribute the oil over the strands of hair

3. Take a quarter sized amount of shea butter and rub it together in your hands until it becomes soft and malleable.

4. Work the shea butter through your hair much like you’ve done with the oil.

What’s amazing about this technique is that the oil helps to seal in the moisture from just having washed your hair. It will also help to close the hair cuticle. The shea butter acts as an additional buffer for the hair, preventing the oil from drying out and giving you a second layer of protection. Another great benefit is the shea butter will act as a humectant on your hair, pulling moisture from the air into the hair shaft helping your hair to look soft and shiny all day. I’ve been using this method off and on for the last 5 years and the days that my beard hair looks remarkable are the days when I’ve used this technique.

Dull hair that lacks luster?

How do you tell if your hair is in good health? One of the most visible ways to access your hairs health is by looking in a mirror and seeing if it still has its shine. Hair that lacks its luster is hair that is on the verge of drying out. It starts to lose its shine and elasticity and before you know it the ends of your hair will start to feel dry and you’ll notice split ends.

If you are wondering how to rejuvenate your hair then we have one of the best ways. Soon as you notice the loss of shine from your hair preemptively use a daily hydrating conditioner. Using a hydrating conditioner with a protein complex will help to strengthen the hair shaft while also adding some much needed moisture and shine.

For an added touch follow up with adding a quarter sized amount of a light carrier oil like rosehip oil or apricot kernel oil. Massage this from the scalp into the strands and hair tips to make sure it’s evenly distributed. This will help to add shine and keep your hair in good condition.

Wild unruly hair blowing in the wind

Problems with oily hair?

Often we think the more oily or greasy our hair is the more we should wash it. The issue here is that we are actually causing more harm than good. Over washing your hair and using shampoos containing sulphates can cause the scalp to become dry. Your sebaceous glands which produce the oil in your scalp and help to keep your hair moisturized and protected with your natural oils starts to over compensate for the dryness.

A great way to keep your hair looking great without running the risk of over washing is using a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are typically made from an absorbing starch ingredient with most common DIY methods using an arrowroot powder or cornstarch. Dry shampoos help reduce the greasiness of you scalp with the benefit of adding volume to your hair.

By adding a bit of the powder to a brush and dusting your hair you can forgo having to do a daily shampoo to keep your hair from looking oily. Use a blow dryer to remove any excess dry shampoo and to help give your hair more volume.

Frizzy hair out of control?

Do you feel like your hair has a mind of its own? After getting out of the shower and drying off you’re left dealing with a poof. Really humid days are not your friend. Does this sound familiar?

Well the reason hair can become so untamed is because of how the hair shaft is designed. The hair shaft grows with three layers. An outer layer is called the cuticle which helps to protect the hair itself, the inner layer is called the cortex, which contains the pigment of the hair and the core of the hair is called the medulla. The hair cuticle contains multiple scales that act as a protective layer. When we wash our hair with a shampoo this opens the scales on the cuticle while when we use a conditioner this helps to close the scales. With frizzy, wavy and curly hair these scales tend to be more porous than other hair types causing it to dry out quicker and become frizzy, or in humid weather, pull moisture from the air like you’ve just gotten out of the shower.

So what’s the best way to fight unruly hair? Simple, after washing damp dry your hair and take a quarter sized amount of a carrier oil such as argan oil or hemp seed oil and massage it from your scalp to the tips of each strand of hair. This will help seal the cuticle making it less porous and locking moisture in the shaft. The next time you feel you’ve had enough of frizzy hair try adding a bit of oil to your daily hair routine!

Woman with wild hair blowing in the wind

Cutting out the split ends

For most people this seems like a no brainer – split ends means damaged hair. One thing that took me a long time to realize is the seriousness of a split end. When left unclipped the split starts to travel further down the shaft dramatically damaging the hair. So let’s take a quick look at what causes split ends.

Split ends tend to be more common to those who have thicker, coarse and brittle hair. Starting typically at the end or middle of the hair shaft and splintering off. The reason for the splinter or split is usually caused from a list of factors such as:

Heat: Over using a straightener or blow dryer. Excessive heat can damage the hair shaft and cause it to become overly dry and brittle.

Chemical: Chemically treated hair will tend to leave the hair shaft dry and brittle.

Friction: Over working, combing or brushing can cause the hair shaft to become damaged.

Stress and Diet: If you are dehydrated, have been eating poorly or are lacking the right vitamins and proteins to help healthy hair stay strong.

Environmental: Dry sunny seasons will pull more moisture out of your hair leaving it feeling drier than normal. If you have hard water in your house this will also affect the hair causing it to feel drier and more brittle.

Each of these factors causes damage or dryness to a degree. Split ends will happen when the hair shaft loses moisture, proteins and vitamins. It then becomes dry and brittle and will start to split or splinter off and if left unchecked will cause enough damage for the hair to fall. Using a sulphate free shampoo with Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) and protein complex can help keep your hair healthy and from reaching the point of split ends. Harsh shampoos that use sulphates tend to further dry the hair shaft out causing it to lose moisture and become more brittle. Using a shampoo with a vitamin and protein complex will help ensure the right building blocks are there to maintain healthy hair making it a really great choice for preventive care. Following up with a moisturizing and hydrating conditioner is also a really great choice to help the hair repair and keep its moisture. However, once you have a split end the best choice of treatment is to go in and get your hair trimmed, cutting out the split ends, before it has a chance progresses further down the shaft and further damaging the hair.

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